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Welcome to tuk-tuk.co.uk, home of the UK's only manufacturer of Tuk Tuks, MMW Imports.

The Tuk-Tuk or Tuk Tuk, depending on how you prefer to spell it, is a remarkable way of getting about in a busy city, and an experience you never forget.

On this site we hope to be able to better inform people about what a Tuk Tuk is and maybe even give you the opportunity to own your own tuk tuk!

Want to know more about what we do? Simply look around the site and you'll find plenty of resources to help you. This site contains everything you could possibly need to know about the tuk tuk.

Tuk Tuk News Round-Up

Tuk Tuk 2014

By 2014 we will be introducing a brand new tuk tuk with improved chassis design and greater range of powerplants. All 2014 tuk tuks will feature in..  Read More»

Tuk Tuk price list

Prices for the MMW range of tuk tuks for 2013 are as follows. Sprint-190.000thb Grande-250.000thb Surf-260.000thb Due to regional currency..  Read More»

Tuk Tuk EFI

The new Tuk Tuk EFI Daihatsu is with us at last, featuring a 12valve engine with smoother acceleration and more power from the 650 powerplant. Yet g..  Read More»

Tuk Tuk electric

Over the next few months MMW will introduce a new electric tuk tuk fitted with a new chassis design allowing for easy access via a new low floor and f..  Read More»


MMW are pleased to announce the departure from our factory in Thailand the first 2 Tuk Tuks made for the Australian market, the first one is a red and..  Read More»

Tuk Tuk LPG (Turbo)

MMW Tuk Tuks are now able to offer a new variant from our current range, We now produce a Tuk Tuk that runs on LPG/Petrol. This means should you run s..  Read More»

The New Tuk Tuk Sprint in The Netherlands

Nadine Paagman & her brother of Van Paagman take delivery of the newest breed of MMW Tuk-Tuk The Sprint. These are the first Tuk-Tuks to Sport disc br..  Read More»

Tuk Tuk New Zealand

MMW Tuk Tuks are proud to announce the first Tuk-Tuk to be made for TTTaxi of New Zealand, This new company will have exclusive rights to sell the MMW..  Read More»

New 10 year steelwork warranty for MMW Tuk Tuks

MMW Tuk Tuks can now announce a new 10 year warranty for the chromework on all our new vehicles. This is a first for MMW and not matched by any other ..  Read More»

Tuk Tuk Hire, For Weddings,Parties,Events.

Please feel free to contact us and we will pass on your enquiry to one of our Tuk Tuk owners.  Read More»

Tuk Tuk Taxi, gets hackney status

MMW are the first Tuk Tuk Company to have gained Hackney status.We Have been running our vehicles with full Private Hire Licenses since 1999 but have ..  Read More»


MMW are proud to announce the new Daihatsu 660KF Engines for 2007. These units boast, Lower Emissions, 5% More Power. 10% More Fuel Efficiant. 25% Wei..  Read More»


We are now able to supply Tuk Tuks for delivery into Holland. We at MMW are the first and still the only company to have passed the RDW Test in the..  Read More»

Tuk-Tuk, Ola Ice Cream Van

Two MMW Tuk-Tuks are now in Holland. They are currently being used by Ola which is a subsidary company of Unilever. These vehicles are selling ice cre..  Read More»

TukTuk Forum,

For the first time ever, MMW Imports now has a forum, where you can talk about tuk-tuks and other related matters. This should help to build a communi..  Read More»

MMW Luxury Tuk Tuk

MMW Imports are proud to announce firm orders for our new Luxury TukTuk. These vehicles will be fitted with full entertainment system including Dri..  Read More»

MMW Tuk Tuk, Tsunami Appeal charity run from London to Lands End.

On Saturday 29th January 2005 an MMW Tuk-Tuk successfully completed a journey from London to Lands End using under £20 of petrol  Read More»

Tuk Tuks in Southampton

The last few months have seen a massive increase in both the popularity and demand for the Passenger Carrying MMW Tuk-Tuk.  Saturday 21st August 2004..  Read More»

Tuk Tuks In Norwich

December 2003 saw the delivery of the first Tuk-Tuk to Norwich. Our customer will be using the tuk tuk for private hire. We're sure the that fans of t..  Read More»

Tuk Tuks in Glasgow

Tuk Tuks appeared at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow for a charity ball to raise money for the street-children of Thailand, where of course tuk-tuks are a..  Read More»


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Tuk-Tuks from MMW Imports to UK and European Specifications - Welcome to MMW Imports - Home Of The Tuk Tuk - Welcome to tuk-tuk.co.uk, home of the UK's only manufacturer of Tuk Tuks, MMW Imports.

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